Client Testimonials

Check some of the reviews we’ve received from our fabulous clients!

  • Bernadette Muller
    “Wanted to share the outcome of the project for which you supplied the components. My colleague from the technical department was very satisfied with the components, everything fitted as it should do. Well done, thanks for your support.”
    Bernadette Muller
    UNITED FLEXIBLE (global leader in innovative engineered mechanical solutions for fluid conveyance, measurement, actuation and sealing.)
  • Heiki Karing
    ”Fast service! We have had nice cooperation with Tritech for some years. It is good to work with them as we often need small batches in short notice and Tritech manages very well. Escpecially convinient is for us the service of turning and milling in same place. The advantage is also product development. They can point out mistakes or offer improvement for our products.”
    Heiki Karing
    Merrem Plastics Group (the leading distributor and machinists of engineering plastics in Europe)
  • Ergo Jeletsky
    “Quick Responsiveness, Terrific Knowledge & Communication! We order from Tritech various details for machines and sometimes we need product development. Tritech engineers have great experience and knowledges in mechanics product development. We have got pleanty of support for our products!”
    Ergo Jeletsky
    Reimax Electronics OÜ (tailored solutions in electronics and mechanics, injection moulding technology)
  • Andres Pählapuu
    “Well done technical performance! We have found Tritech upon recommendations. At the moment company offers us induction soldering. Before we used flamesoldering but induction soldering suits us better. We are pleased with qualtiy of service and definitely will recommend Tritech to our partners.”
    Andres Pählapuu
    Hissmekano Estonia OÜ (high quality complex services: CNC turning, grinding, metal processing)