Tritech OÜ was established in 2012 by 3 engineers. Our business idea is to be an engineering and tooling manufacturing company with the aim to help all companies in designing, manufacturing, and repairing of different custom machines, tools, and devices. We are committed to provide high quality products that meet customer needs and requirements. We use a smart full process approach to find the best possible solution.

Our technological complete chain approach is the cornerstone of our business. Complete chain means running all main processes on our facility, keeping all technology under control, monitoring the quality, lead times and using resources wisely thus eliminating all potential problems at every step of our activity:

The details matter. Attending to details is our attitude to give our customers satisfaction. We always strive to be more productive.


Some decades ago classmates became colleagues sharing the same interest in creation. They were born and raised by parents whose involvement in the mechanical engineering field is still a lifelong commitment and passion.

It’s never been forced but rather encrypted on the gene level. Looking back at childhood days when you build constructor toys until all bricks are over but every time unable to stop because you know there are so many different variations to be tried and examined.

It’s chess-like mind thrilling experience you get into. There is just no way to be stuck and satisfied with a single version. That rush of adrenaline and excitement you feel after you witness a positive outcome of your own idea when something effective is born. This is your personal reliable motivator for many years.

Keys for success in rapidly changing industrial world are all hidden in ability to provide handy and quick solutions to customer needs: starting from scratch, going through the ideas of generating, sketching, design developing, prototypes building, assembling, on the fly adjusting and testing. All it finds it’s finish at the customer side. Time is a key factor. The faster you deliver the further you go and stay in the game.

You can’t succeed just being the best in one aspect. Idea wins if the product quality is on the same high level with reliability, ergonomics, and safety. It’s not enough for any device just to fulfill its main function.


Our mission is to provide production on high level of quality. We help our customers and we provide the best solution with the best quality and cost.