Tritech OÜ was founded in 2012 by three engineers. Our goal is to be a manufacturing and engineering company that helps other companies in designing, building custom machines, tools, machined parts and devices. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet our customers' needs and specifications. We use a comprehensive process to find the best solution possible.

Our comprehensive technological approach is the foundation of our business. This means that we handle all major processes in-house, keep control of all technology, monitor quality, manage lead times, and use resources efficiently to eliminate potential problems throughout our operations.


A few decades ago, classmates became colleagues due to their shared interest and mindset. This generation of tech enthusiasts dove into the field of mechanical engineering with dedication and passion.

It was not forced upon them, but rather encoded in their DNA. From a young age, they played with constructor toys endlessly, always searching for new variations and combinations to test and explore.

It's like a captivating game of chess, where one is never satisfied with just one variation. The thrill of adrenaline and creative excitement comes from finding and implementing the best ideas. This personal motivation ensures success for years to come.

To succeed in a rapidly changing industrial world, it's important to be able to quickly provide solutions that meet the needs of customers. This includes starting from scratch, generating ideas, sketching, developing designs, building prototypes, assembling, making adjustments on the fly, and testing. Time is a crucial factor - the faster you can deliver a solution, the more successful you will be.

A successful solution requires more than excelling in just one aspect. An idea will only be successful if the final product is of high quality, reliable, ergonomic, and safe. Simply fulfilling the main function of a device is not enough.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality production services. We assist our customers by offering expert advice and creating the best technical solutions at the best price and quality.